Monday, 21 March 2011

Music Mondays?

Here's a few songs i've been listening to this week. Some of it might be quite old or you might of heard of it already but I hope you like it. I'm a bit of a baby indie as you can probably tell, though I hate the music snobbery that often goes with that label, I don't really like to limit my music taste and I enjoy Rihanna and Kesha just as much as any other artist! I have to admit I did see this video of 'Indie Amy', which put me off all things indie for a while - the whole point of 'indie' is to be individual but it seems to have become very stereotypical. 

Big Sleep - Ghosts (Up and coming!)
The Vaccines - If You Wanna
The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar (You've probs heard this in Skins)
Babyshambles - I Wish (Laid back and lovely, i'm a little bit in love with Pete!)
Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Genuinely can't decide which version I like best they're both really different, so i've put both on, if you're a Radio One listener sure you've heard Birdy's version)
Birdy - Skinny Love
The Fratellis - Whistle for the Choir (Quite old, but i like listening to this when i'm feeling a bit depressed! Also their scottish accents are hot.)
Ellie Goulding - Lights
Brick by Brick - Arctic Monkeys (New Arctic Monkey's track, what do you think? I like it but I don't think it's as good as some of their previous songs! It reminds me a bit of Oasis and the recent Beady Eye song as well for some reason)
True Faith - George Michael (Okay I only listened to this once, I love ya George but this is only worth a listen due to it's awfulness and diabolical use of auto-tuning!)

The Leeds and Reading Fest' line up is announced tonight along with tickets on sale! Every year I plan on going and I always end up not going, was especially gutted I had the chance to go last minute last year, but I had to work, and missed out on the chance on seeing the oh so amazing Libertines reunion! And more importantly I missed out on 'poo girl' I don't know if any of you have heard that story?! Anyway if anybody is reading this, are you planning on going to any festivals this year?

Okay since I posted the above the line up has been announced! I have to admit i'm a little disappointed, and there's no acts i'm 'wow' about, Arcade Fire and The Libertines were a real 'yay!' moment for me last year, makes me even more gutted I missed it! Nevertheless I wouldn't say no to a ticket for this year!

Love for LID!

I really enjoyed the recent Lily Allen documentary all about her and her sister's new shop Lucy In Disguise, if you haven't seen it pop down to 4od and watch 'Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags'! I've always liked Lily, but its just shown what a lovely person she really is in my opinion. I love the idea of being able to rent clothes, as I'm often guilty of buying something, loving it for a month, then never wearing it again! I also can't wait for their own clothing range to be available which they've promised to be affordable, and i'm glad the sizing is going to be up to a 14 initially and then a 16, because I feel a few high street shops like Urban Outfitters sort of exclude larger people, which I don't think is fair! 

Anyway i've just seen this post on the LID website... obviously they've been inspired by my daisy themed name, what can I say?

I'm actually a little bit in love with this idea and will be defo be trying it when the daisies come out, perfect for spring, i've fallen in love with florals all over again! Any idea where to find big daisies like this though?

This photo is lovely, a modern take on Hamlet's Ophelia!

Here's a selection of daisy print goodies... I think I might buy the Topshop dress as i've got a skinny tan belt crying out for it!

Thank you so much to anybody that actually reads this, I am well aware that at the time of publication I may as well be talking to myself! Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Daisy chains and school yard games.

Though it's a lovely name, unfortunatley i'm not called Daisy and I have to admit 'Pretty Daised' was a bit of a random creation. All my desired conventional names plus the lyrical names (mainly inspired by Babyshambles and The Libertines - I should warn you i'm a Pete Doherty fan) such as 'Gin in tea cups' had been taken so I was forced to be a bit more creative! I liked the idea of some juxtaposition within the name like 'The Pretty Reckless' so that's where I got the 'Pretty' bit from, eventually I came up with 'Dazed' but didn't really like the spelling and thus 'Daised' was born, so overall pretty random... a bit like this paragraph really! 

Anyway i'll stop boring you and get to the point, which is, that I decided i'd do my first proper post on something topical to the name of the blog! 

I recently discovered this gorgeous daisy nail art tutorial from, so all credit goes to her for the idea!

I think this is a perfect spring/summer look, and an idea i'd never seen before! It's also something a bit different from the leopard print nails (which don't get me wrong i love) that have been a bit over done recently. If you're like me, you might not have a nail art pen, so i used a cocktail stick (classy!) dipped in nail varnish to create the effect, which looked better than I thought, although it was very fiddly and a bit messy! Mix and match prints are also going to be big this season and i think this is a great way to try out the look, especially if you're initially a bit nervous to try out the look with clothes. Topshop have once again done some pretty decent features on their website and have very kindly done a whole section on prints, and if you haven't seen their 214 online magazine, i'd defo recommend it for a bit of spring/summer '11 inspiration! 

Here's a picture of my nails using the cocktail stick method (sorry about the terrible image quality), i'm sure using a nail art pen is probably easier, as i'm pretty sure mine don't look as good! I used Topshop nail varnish in 'mannequin', 'airplane' and 'paint it on'.

You had me at hello.

I'm Ellie. There's nothing particularly special about me, I guess i'm like most girls my age; I love fashion, beauty and music, and go through life awkwardly stumbling through! I'm seventeen going on eighteen and currently failing my a levels. 

I've not been doing too well at school recently and defo suffering from a critical lack of motivation! I feel like I really need to get organised and do something productive with my spare time (though I should probably be writing an essay right now!) so I thought why not give a blog ago? Overall, I should probably say i'm not looking to rival anyone else's blogs or become the next llymlrs I just want to be part of the community and do something a bit more productive and  a bit different. 

I'll hopefully be blogging on anything I find interesting, particularly in the world of fashion and beauty. I may also do the occasional arts and crafty thing. Although I would like to do outfit posts in the future, I probably won't for a few months due to lack of money at the moment (my outfits are currently in a weekly rota - oh dear!) I also love the tips sections i've seen on other peoples blog, gem fatale's tuesday tips are some of my favourties, and if i find out any useful tips i'd like to share them with you!

I'm going to try and blog at least three times a week! I'm the first to admit i'm not the most reliable in the world but I'm really hoping to become a lot more organised and productive with my time, so watch this space!