Sunday, 20 March 2011

Daisy chains and school yard games.

Though it's a lovely name, unfortunatley i'm not called Daisy and I have to admit 'Pretty Daised' was a bit of a random creation. All my desired conventional names plus the lyrical names (mainly inspired by Babyshambles and The Libertines - I should warn you i'm a Pete Doherty fan) such as 'Gin in tea cups' had been taken so I was forced to be a bit more creative! I liked the idea of some juxtaposition within the name like 'The Pretty Reckless' so that's where I got the 'Pretty' bit from, eventually I came up with 'Dazed' but didn't really like the spelling and thus 'Daised' was born, so overall pretty random... a bit like this paragraph really! 

Anyway i'll stop boring you and get to the point, which is, that I decided i'd do my first proper post on something topical to the name of the blog! 

I recently discovered this gorgeous daisy nail art tutorial from, so all credit goes to her for the idea!

I think this is a perfect spring/summer look, and an idea i'd never seen before! It's also something a bit different from the leopard print nails (which don't get me wrong i love) that have been a bit over done recently. If you're like me, you might not have a nail art pen, so i used a cocktail stick (classy!) dipped in nail varnish to create the effect, which looked better than I thought, although it was very fiddly and a bit messy! Mix and match prints are also going to be big this season and i think this is a great way to try out the look, especially if you're initially a bit nervous to try out the look with clothes. Topshop have once again done some pretty decent features on their website and have very kindly done a whole section on prints, and if you haven't seen their 214 online magazine, i'd defo recommend it for a bit of spring/summer '11 inspiration! 

Here's a picture of my nails using the cocktail stick method (sorry about the terrible image quality), i'm sure using a nail art pen is probably easier, as i'm pretty sure mine don't look as good! I used Topshop nail varnish in 'mannequin', 'airplane' and 'paint it on'.

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